Tribe Release Engineer

Job Location: Belgium
Job Category: Infrastructure Management
Job Type: Full Time

Function Description

The Release Engineer manages the release calendar for his/her tribe (in line with the business strategy/needs, considering existing application architecture and aligned with other tribes – e.g. infra slots).
The Release Engineer closely collaborates with the different squads in his/her tribe and with Release Engineers from other tribes (including infra). During planning sessions, she/he consolidates the result in a comprehensible tribe release planning. She/he safeguards the dependencies between squads of the tribe, dependencies between tribes, delivery risk, and use of platforms other than the production environment, …
For the delivery of the end result, she/he monitors progress, and signals in a timely manner important deviations between planned and real timelines, and negotiates alternate solutions. With that purpose
• She/he integrates the delivery progress in the overview of dependencies in order to manage related risks proactively
• She/he prepares decisions for delivery bottlenecks (investigating and proposing alternate scenarios, …)
• She/he collaborates with (tribe) Product Owners and (tribe) Scrum Masters.
The Release Engineer ensures regular and specific communication to a wide group of stakeholders (e.g. E2E Test Engineers to allow them to optimally plan their chain tests and performance tests).
The Release Engineer ensures that (software) configuration management in the tribe is executed in a professional manner, and stimulates the introduction of software version management as leverage towards optimal quality, hereby making the tribe more autonomous (allowing its own release calendar), and contributing to a better time to market.
For each “release moment” in the tribe the Release Engineer composes a consolidated deployment runbook (containing all squad deliverables). The Release Engineer ensures the acceptance of this document by all stakeholders. During the deployment, the Release Engineer coordinates the correct execution of this runbook.

Technical Experience

  • Sound knowledge of activities considering release management and configuration management
  • Capacity to integrate individual squad plans in one consolidated release plan
  • Build and consolidate release runbooks

Business Experience

  • Active communication with a wide group of stakeholders inside and outside the tribe
  • Solution-oriented, to signal in a timely matter any planning deviations and to elaborate a solution together with the involved teams

Soft Skills

  • The Release Engineer represents and propagates the “Agile mindset” and acts as a “servant leader”
  • Positive attitude, empathy, pragmatism
  • Thirst for knowledge: Agile is about learning and adapting. Knowledge sharing is key to success.
  • Goal of team success: Agile is about the success of the team, not individual success or heroic behavior. It is more important for the team to succeed than for the individual to have completed his/her tasks.
  • There is no failure, only feedback: Agile is about taking everything as lessons, and adjusting actions according to the feedback, resulting in continuous improvement.