Senior Data Engineer

Job Location: Belgium
Job Category: Data
Job Type: Full Time

Job description

We are looking for a Data Engineer, who will primarily join one of our product Teams. It is an opportunity to mark with your signature our corporate Data organization and contribute indirectly to better product to manage our customers, as more qualitative data or service around data for our customers. 

We are looking for Data Engineers able to create data pipelines, efficient storage structures, powerful materialized views in different analytical technologies, and data exchange endpoints at the destination of our users. To some extent, you’ll also have to interact with aspects related to governance tools (Glossary, Modeling, Lineage, or Data Quality…). 

Mission description

  • Implementing solutions with on-premise data technologies stack from Microsoft (SSIS, SSAS, and SQL Server) 
  • Implementing data pipelines using Azure services such as Azure Databricks, but also to some extent Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Azure Stream/log Analytics, and Azure DevOps 
  • Implementing data pipelines or data enrichments with Python in a Databricks environment 
  • Open to learning and jumping on new technologies (on the ones listed above, or also Redis, RabbitMQ, Neo4j, or Apache Arrow, …) 
  • Able and willing to interact with business analysts and stakeholders to refine some requirements and to present a reusable and integrated solution 
  • Able and willing to contribute to extensive testing of the solution, as the reinforcement of DevOpsos l principles within the team.
  • Able and willing to contribute to the writing and structuration of documentation 

What you will NOT be doing 

  • You shall not act from an Ivory Technical Tower. 
  • You don’t not make decisions for the Business but rather advise them with careful logic or showing your reasoning. 
  • You shall not deliver technical solutions, but rather product features.

What we’re expecting from you in your product team 

  • Participate in the refinement of user stories, and share your point of view (challenge proposition and propose alternatives) with the product team.
  • Define technical design (or architecture), collaborate with teammates, ask for reviews and advice and write down the initial version. Openly discuss any evolution of the design/architecture.
  • Implement the feature/user story in parallel with the implementation of the unit tests.
  • Implement corresponding monitoring and metadata.
  • Participate in the definition of end-to-end test scenarios.
  • Peer review code written by teammates and ask for peer review of your own code. Accept feedback from peers.
  • Participate in end-users documentation, demos, and roadshows.
  • Be engaged in any retrospective and continuous improvement activities.
  • Actively give feedback to your teammates about their contributions

What we’re expecting from you in the Data Chapter 

  • Review some architectures or designs proposed by other teams and share your experience and knowledge.
  • Write down decisions taken in a format promoting reusability.
  • Contribute to design and architectural blueprints combining previous decisions.
  • Participate in learning sessions by presenting on a topic or as an attendee.