Security Project Leader / Epic Delivery Owner

Job Location: Belgium
Job Category: Cybersecurity
Job Type: Full Time

As a global critical financial infrastructure, the protection of our client’s information and assets is fundamental to the company’s business. Security is at the core of our services, firmly embedded in the management systems and processes of the company. You will be joining our Chief Information Security Office (CISO) in charge of putting in place the required controls to protect our information assets adequately and effectively!

You will join the CISO project team and be accountable for delivering end-to-end Information Security projects across various technical and functional domains. Our business relies on highly sophisticated technologies, supported by a diverse range of applications and platforms. The teams you lead will consist of resources from both the CISO division and other IT and Business functions!

The Project Leader/Epic Delivery Owner (EDO) oversees the management of epics (projects) within the CISO division, from their initial ideation to completion. Their responsibilities include coordinating the individuals assigned to these epics and ensuring that the vital processes are applied to deliver them on time, within budget, and aligned with the desired outcomes. Specifically, for our IDAM Programme, we seek a Project Leader/EDO with expertise in the IDAM (Identity & Access Management) domain to lead technical projects.


  • Ensure that adequate resources are assigned to each epic, working closely with team leaders involved in the project.
  • Supervise the production of deliverables and artifacts related to the epics. Validate these deliverables to ensure they meet the required standards.
  • Supervise the delivery process in terms of scope, planning, budget, and quality. Address any deviations promptly to keep the project on track.
  • Monitor changes, risks, and issues associated with the epics. Collaborate with the Sponsor and Epic Owner to take appropriate actions when needed.
  • Ensure that epic outputs are thoroughly tested before deployment. Facilitate the smooth deployment of these outputs into production.
  • Verify that the implemented solution aligns with the expectations. Ensure that operational teams are prepared to adopt the changes and that the anticipated benefits are realized.
  • Uphold Euroclear’s methodology and governance standards throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Report these elements to the appropriate stakeholders/ committees to ensure full awareness and appropriate decisions are taken.


In relation to the management aspects:

  • Running the epic on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the Sponsorship Committee
  • Supervise the epic, from the definition phase to the closure phase, including handling all internal and external dependencies, achievements, and impacts.
  • Ensure the epics produce the required deliverables/artifacts with the required quality and within the agreed time and budget and with respect of the methodology framework.
  • Direct, empower, and challenge the project team, i.e. all contributing to a successful delivery, so that epic scope and expectations are met.
  • Manage the risks and issues, including the collection, evaluation, and planning of corrective and/or preventive actions, and supervising and escalating risks and issues to the Sponsorship Committee.
  • Perform change control, ensuring there are no unapproved scope deviations. Following up on any changes (scope, budget increase, and other changes) in agreement with the Sponsor.
  • Prepare for and report to the Sponsorship Committee through Weekly Status Reports.

In relation to the qualitative aspects:

  • Producing the Project Quality Plan (PQP), documenting the approach to quality management: governance structure, management process, and assigned responsibilities for achieving the expected quality levels.
  • Creating plans – and if vital, exception plans – together with the involved teams, and reaching an agreement on these plans, including the plans’ success criteria, with the Sponsorship Committee.
  • Initiating the different demands via for example the QBR & QP process or other processes if needed.
  • Planning from definition to closure, included managing all internal and external dependencies, milestones, and impact.

In relation to the operationalization:

  • With the help of the ERO (Business Analyst) ensure the needed operationalization aspects are foreseen and fully embedded in the delivery

In relation to the post-implementation stage:

  • Preparing the Post-Implementation Report for validation by the Sponsor, including any Lessons Learned.

Soft skills

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving abilities.
  • Punctual and meticulous
  • Critical thinker
  • Strong team and collaboration focus
  • High work ethic and adaptable
  • Ability to work autonomously.


  • You already have 5+ years of proven Project Management experience in a large Financial Services organization.
  • The scope of work you have managed includes development of associated business processes, procedures, controls and critical metrics.
  • You are experienced in leading end-to-end projects in parallel with size varying from 300 to 3,000 person-days.
  • You have demonstrated through your career strong leadership skills with the ability as well to adapt your style according to the context and the different project partners.
  • These projects were led according to at least one of the industry standard methodologies like Waterfall, PMI or Prince2, and have experience of agile delivery methods.
  • Your responsibilities encompassed the different aspects of these (Planning, Budgets, Risks & Issues, Resources management). Previous experience of outsourced projects management is nice to have.
  • You naturally have strong negotiation and conflict leadership skills, and you are able to influence various levels of management toward your project’s targets.
  • You are proficient in English and have superb communication skills (listening, writing, and communicating) at all levels, from staff members to senior management level.
  • You have a natural affinity with the technical disciplines.
  • You are familiar with a range of Information Security technologies, infrastructure, processes and services in domains, especially IAM.
  • Knowledge of SailPoint and CyberArk technologies is a plus.