Cloud Architect

Job Location: Belgium
Job Category: Infrastructure
Job Type: Full Time

Our client has a large and global Azure cloud platform and will expand significantly over the next 3 years. Several Business Areas/Divisions are building their own applications in this cloud platform. From a global Solution & Architecture team we create/maintain a platform to make this easy for our business and manage central components.
Currently, about 400 applications are running on our cloud environment, but some lack operational excellence, we need you here to bring change.

Duties and responsibilities
– You will join our Cloud Center of Excellence from the global Solution & Architecture team.
– You will be responsible for defining/developing operational excellence and reliability for global Atlas Copco applications (governance, tooling, setup, monitoring, disaster recovery, business continuity, etc.) using the Azure cloud environment and additional tooling.
– You will be responsible for selecting/setting up the monitoring platform for the cloud platform/applications
– Support setting up monitoring for the centrally managed cloud platform
– /explain/train IT people in setting up monitoring/SRE within their environment and
creating a scalable/performing application

General experience in Azure Cloud
– Experience in making applications or applications reliable
– Experience in an operational environment of cloud applications (keeping them running)
– Experience with performance/scaling/caching/multi-regional setups
– Experience with business continuity/disaster recovery in a cloud environment
– Knowledge of monitoring setups in different aspects of an application (application,
infrastructure, network, …)
– Experience explaining/training other functional/technical people

Technical skills

– Experience with automation (i.e., recovery actions)
– Experience with performance testing tools is a plus
– Knowledge of different monitoring tools is a plus
– Azure services knowledge
– Experience with Kubernetes